Blencathra, Helm Crag, Crinkle Crags.



A few pictures from Bowfell with angle tarn behind us. Believe it or not we scaled a an almost 45 degree angle on sheet ice with the tarn sloping away beneath us without realising. We went down rossets Gill almost on our bums before turning back off for dungeon ghyll.

We were very glad of the company of 3 guys who we ended up doing the route with in parts and we often talk about them and the intensity of that climb. It was freezing, our hands were like puddings but we were at the beginning of some very exciting adventures.



Lords Rake 2016

I finally did it! Bowfell in sheet ice, jacks Rake in blazing sun in June then after months of rubbish weather I’m proud to say I have both the Scafells under my belt.

The chock stone has gone. It’s like a brand new experience and I’m thrilled to have been one of the first up there since it came down.

We saw other beautiful sights along the way thanks to avoiding hard knot pass this time and it was utterly breathtaking stuff!